I have known Debbie for over five years on both a personal and professional level. I have been fortunate enough to observe her work on behalf of many nonprofits and to experience it personally during my 2015-2016 year as president of Vero Beach Sunrise Rotary sunrise. She handled all of the marketing and public relations for our club and did an outstanding job. The word "no" is not in her vocabulary. She not only takes on innumerable tasks but completes them in a timely, professional and superb manner. I highly recommend Debbie for any marketing or public relations job no matter how large or small.

--Louis (Buck) Vocelle, Jr.
Vocelle & Berg, LLP
Vero Beach, FL

Deb has the outstanding ability to constantly keep our Club in the public media.

--Kevin J. Anderson
President 2016-2017
Sunrise Rotary Vero Beach

Debbie Avery who now serves as the Outreach and Development Consultant. Debbie has created more publicity for the GYO than we ever had in the past. This has helped the Board of Directors grow in strength, resolve, and commitment and for first time ever, members even put in writing their vision for the Gifford Youth Orchestra.

--Dr. Crystal Bujol
Gifford Youth Orchestra 


For the last five months, Debbie has been the Outreach and Development Consultant for the Gifford Youth Orchestra. I don't know how we got along without her! Debbie has helped us connect with other organizations with whom we need to collaborate -- gave us more advertising than we ever had -- connected us with people, places and things we never heard about -- and responded almost immediately to our needs. She has been a tremendous help to the Gifford Youth Orchestra as we continue with our programs to serve children and adults through music. She is never flat - always sharp!


--Crystal Bujol
Gifford Youth Orchestra

Deb has done an absolutely marvelous job of marketing the Twisted Tail Ribfest, the biggest fundraiser of the year for the Original Rotary Club of Vero Beach. From social media to radio to newspapers and magazines, etc., she never stands still and is a huge part of our success!

--Mike Kanuka
Original Rotary Club of Vero Beach

When I view Debbie Avery's web site it is obvious the picture is posed!. You do not see Debbie sitting and relaxing. I relate Debbie's work ethic to tropical weather in the Gulf of Mexico, in September. A lot of energy, and building.

While visiting the Sunrise Rotary a couple years ago I heard praises of her work. This year when Debbie came to The Gifford Youth Orchestra as a consultant, she made an immediate impact and continues to do so often. Packaged with this high  energy, she has the contacts and knowledge to get your name out to the public. 

--Jim Parks

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